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  Once upon a time I went looking for a midi site to suit my taste in music so that I could choose songs at random and still know that I will enjoy them [as much as one can enjoy anything that has been created by MIDI technology]. I couldn't find such a site. Even though I put the word 'Progressive' into the search engines I was getting sites that were decidedly not progressive.

I had only one option, create my own site. In doing so I hope to make you aware of some great music you may not have heard before, and as this collection grows I hope it will better illustrate my own feelings about the true nature of Progressive music as I see it.

It is often confused with or lumped together with 'Alternative' music. A song that sounds different than what you are used to hearing on your favorite pop radio station does not necessarily mean that it is progressive.

While Alternative music certainly deserves its place on the internet, it is my intention to try and keep this a Progressive site in the pure sense of that word's definition. When much of this music was written it actually was felt to be something superior, and more advanced than the typical music of the time.

The instrumentation was different, there was no feeling of being locked into the guitar-bass-drums-vocal format. There was no stigma attached to the use of traditonally classical or jazz oriented instruments, time signatures, contrapunctal effects, or overall structure. The song currently playing is an example of the masterful use of counterpoint in this genre. Simply put, it did not need to conform because it was NEW. It was true to its definition; it represented progress in musical composition and appreciation and that is why it came to be known as Progressive.

The attributes I mention above are what make this music truly interesting and different. Being a more 'ambitious' form of musical composition also meant that not everyone could play it well. Therefore if a song was progressive it was a pretty sure bet that the players were GOOD at what they did and most probably had some form of training.

Some people seem to think there is something wrong with listening to a well trained musician, and feel as though they are being musically 'patronized'. Being a musician myself I can assure you that none of the artists on this site are trying to be elitist, they are just writing and playing what they find interesting and satisfying. If others also enjoy it, so much the better.

The main difference between this and other forms of music is that the writers are not thinking so much about whether their music will sell well but rather if it is GOOD MUSIC. That professional pride is certainly evident and makes the music sound worthwhile. This attitude, however, has become very uncommon in the music industry.

Progressive music never did and never will have a large share of the market, but its followers are often far more loyal and dedicated because they respect the integrity and taste of these artists who could easily drop what they are doing and make much more money playing easier material. Instead they choose not to do so because they hold their craft in higher esteem than popularity or financial gain.

They deserve our respect and they deserve to have their music preserved and played. They deserve to be thought of as pioneers of forms of music that may not become popular for some time to come, if at all.

Just imagine what you would have thought fifteen years ago if someone said that you'd be listening to a MUZAK version of "Stairway to Heaven" in an elevator someday!

    I hope you enjoy the links on this page as well as the songs on the other pages. Thanks for stopping by and if you have any comments or suggestions for inclusions to this site please feel free to email me!

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