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What is a Sigs. Holder?- What do I do with it?
At your WebTv mail screen on the side bar you will see Settings .Go to that then you will see Signature-Add personal text to the bottom of every message you send. With a few basic HTML codes you can add alot more then that like colored backgrounds and text to a gif picture and a midi playing etc...
(Just realize AOL users will receive such a e mail as blank because they have a text only Email format).
OK now say you want to change it completely for a day or awhile and then back again, that is where the Email Sigs Holder is used to store them for reuse.
To see saved text move cursor over a sig. box
and wait a second for text to appear.
(Your name should automatically appear).
To save a new entry or edit you must mouse out of a text area.That is all you need to do to save.If you leave page and do not mouse out of a text area box with cursor then what you have put in or changed in box will not be saved.
It is best to cut and paste already made signatures into a textarea box for holding. To do this you would go to your WebTv Email signature box and cmd key plus A to highlight, cmd key plus c to cut, then go to this email sigs page and cmd key plus V to paste it in a textarea box and then mouse outof it when done putting it in- this will save it there. The first thing is to put your name in the name box, then go away from this page and come back and look that it is there!
Cutting and Pasteing is also the process to be used to take a stored signature from the Email Sigs Holder back to your WebTv Email signature box.To delete a textarea box's contents use the cmd plus A key to highlight, then the cmd plus the X key to delete, then mouse out to save as empty.
Title Your Sigs. Boxes-This page could be made to have a little text area box over each sig. area box so that you can put a title for each and know whats there.It just may have that in the future but the last thing that I want to do is add clutter so here is an easy alternative.
After a entry push the return key a few times, write your title, then scroll out of box's top.You will now see top writing and not your title but don't worry because when you return to this page bottoms of text area boxes show and your title will be there.
The Making Of This Page-It would have been done one way or the other but for credit and and a help source to you I will list these urls,one of which I used for this page! cookies codes-
Script I Used
Script I Didn't Use
those are from-
Cookies Expiration Date- The cookies are set for 365 days(one year). This means that every time that you make a new entry it will be saved for a entire year.
Bug Report- A wrap code is being looked into for the problem of text in textareas to squeeze or bunch up, then not to stretch out again on repaste into signature box. Even though it looks all scrunched up and links look broken you do not need to fix it.
It will still work.
Another thing is if you go to Go Change Signature link and get a white blank page, then reload (cmd plus R) until the page loads.
The idea place for this page is on a Webtv F key.

Further Helps-
Did Someone send you a Email you like?
To bounce a Email you forward it to yourself: in the body
of your letter, Alt+?, Return, Cmd+A,
Cmd+X, go to subject line, Cmd+V, Send,
Return. That's the shortest amount of
keystrokes you need. Also, all the urls
come through as clickable links.
Thanks to whoever discovered this method!
Click here to Hear an Audio Wav Version.
Never link to an image, or midi, etc...without the owner's permission.You can violate their copyright and or be stealing bandwidth provided by a web site provider.
This page is currently under construction.
Always Reload.(cmd plus R).