Thank You...Thank you...Thank You

Thanks to all of you:-)

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betty boop 
award May, 1999

Our first one!
Hope we get some more...

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A Mime's Wall

MiMeRs Pick of the Week!
May 1-7, 1999


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June 24, 1999
The ever prestigious


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June 24, 1999
I am honored to accept
this award from

Michael Chestney

truly a gentle-man.
Thank you Mike!

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A special Draac's pic award, shared by the members of


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September 1999

Thank you BabyDoll for choosing my tip to add to your great page! WebTv is a better place:-)

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Always cheerful, I look forward to reading every letter I receive from honeypenny. Your humor and talent are much appreciated by so many of us, I'm grateful to be thought of as your friend. Thank you!
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January 2000

Thank's Tboob for adding my site to your impressive list of recipients of your 'dabomb' award! I am indeed in good company:-)