A Gift for Harry!



I went back and redefined the dividers a little more by painting on them. Don't know if you will like it better or not, but here they are anyway. As you can see, either way, the red bleeds into the purple some, but it cannot be avoided if you want a "raised" divider like that. You can get a better feel for how they appear when you click on the link, since that bleed occurs on the right side as well against the purple background, but what the heck, I'm doing this in your colors (sorta) <grin> The larger ones are 300x60 and the smaller ones are 250x50, which is approximately the size you were using in your logo before. Couldn't come up with a 260x60 as he requested, due to the fact that ImageMagick will not allow precise measurements, but maintains the proportions of the original when it resizes things (or else I've never learned how to do it there otherwise). I don't know where the blue line comes from in the smaller ones, 'cause all I did was resize the larger ones, and I don't see it in them <frown> If you want, you could try resizing one of the large ones to a 260 width and you will come up with something between 50-60 on the height... probably 52-53, but I'm not sure.

I don't know what banner you ended up sending to him, but I know this is the one you really wanted so I made it for you. I intended to get this to you last night, but fell asleep watching ER. Sorry! Enjoy!