I Wish to thank the following people

without whose help this page

would not have been made

A very generous and accomodating 'Hootie'
The humor and help of 'Owens4'
and Most of all, the tireless efforts of 'Furler'

I would also like to acknowledge the brilliant websites that appear on this page:

Bud's Toolbox Owens4 Tools Furler's Color Chart The WebTv Utility
Warp Speed -=NOOK=- MadRabbit Hootie's WebTv
Diane Dumas for her 'email add on' feature

To the best of my knowledge I have left all copyright information in place, and everything else is public domain. If I have inadvertantly used someone's material please inform me and I will either give credit where it is due or remove the item.
1999 hms56 {History's Mysteries}

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