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hms56 F-Key² Custom Button Maker

Hootie's Custom Jumpbox Storage

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Reset main textarea
delete contents of bottom textarea

  •    Scroll up to find "Button Title"
  •    Delete those words and insert your own text.
  •    Replace "URL1" with your URL -
       stay within the quotation marks.
  •    Replace "NAME1" with your text -
       stay between the brackets on either side.
  •    Repeat for all eight input fields.
  •    Highlight and copy the contents of the text area.
  •    Deposit the text in the table on the F-Key²
<td align="center">
Each bank of eight URLs is one button on the F-Key²

Store your URLs in the jumpbox below till you are ready to fill your F-Key² button.

please note* this jumpbox will not work properly if it is transloaded.

To main textarea

Use this textarea to organize your URLs.
Your text will remain here if you use the 'to main textarea' and 'to empty textarea' links.

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